Plasma Technology Laboratory

Plasma Technology Laboratory


          The Plasma Technology Laboratory has been established under Thai-Korean Research Collaboration Center (TKRCC), a leading edge program between Science and Technology Park, Chiang Mai University, Thailand (CMU STeP) and Center for Advanced Plasma Surface Technology, Sungkyunkwan University, Korea (CAPST, SKKU), since 2013. Our laboratory looks for the research and education opportunities in order to develops the engineering and scientific aspects associate with creating the collaboration in the Plasma Agriculture. In particular, fulfill the key plasma technology needed for agriculture and related areas.


         Become the excellence center with potential plasma equipment, funds, new knowledge and researchers in 2017.


1.To activate the fundamental and applications research on characteristics of Plasma Agriculture area.

2.To initiate the project and business development for Plasma Agriculture area.

3.To promote the domestic and international network including partnership in Plasma Agriculture area.


  (LTEC Our laboratory focus on both fundamental and technological issues from plasma physics and chemistry to industrial applications. The laboratory is deal with improving food security levels by applies plasma source to sterilizing significant fungus and bacteria in agriculture products consists of seeds, vegetables and fruits. 

Laboratory Destinations



Research Team


         Assoc. Prof. Dr. Dheerawan Boonyawa                             Assoc. Prof. Dr. Komgrit Leksakul

       Department of Physics&Materials Science,                      Department of Industrial Engineering,

       Faculty of Science, Chiang Mai University                 Faculty of Engineering, Chiang Mai University

                   dheerawan.b@cmu.ac.th                                               komgrit@eng.cmu.ac.th


         Asst. Prof. Dr. Yuttana Pimolsiripol                                      Dr. Tanachai Pankasemsuk

                   Department of Product                                          Department of Plant Science and 

                   Development Technology                                                     Natural Resources

                  Faculty of Argo-Industry,                                                Faculty of Agriculture, 

                    Chiang Mai University                                                  Chiang Mai University

                   yuthana.fin@gmail.com                                                 tanachai.p@cmu.ac.th


                                                         Dr. Choncharoen Sawangrat

                                                 Department of Industrial Engineering,

                                           Faculty of Engineering, Chiang Mai University


Loop technology


Typical Plasma Process

Plasma Chemical Vapor Depositions (PCVD) Process

Magnetron Sputtering Process

Dielectric Barrier Discharge (BDB) Process

 Key Research:Plasma Agricultures

Cold Jet Plasma Beam

Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Jet is considered Volumetric Diffuse Non-thermal Plasma. It used inert gases such as He, Ar, Xe or N2 as carrier gas to plasma splitting and leads to precursor. These precursors had extremely uniform intensity and result in improved plasma flowing on the sample surfac


            The improvement of rice essentials by using the Cold Jet Plasma.

The improvement of Rain Lily germination by applies the Cold Jet Plasma. 

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